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A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to memory issues, cognitive disfunction and incapacity. In the wake of a TBI diagnosis, you may worry about if you have the emotional and financial resources to live your life. At Fishwick & Associates PLC, we strive to get traumatic brain injury victims the comprehensive compensation they deserve.

Our attorneys believe in justice for all people in central and southwest Virginia, including the vulnerable and the injured. Our team works collaboratively, with more than 85 years of combined experience and a reputation for excellence. Together, we fight for you and your future. Let our attorneys be your champions. Call us at 540-643-9772.

What You Need To Know About Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can occur in many circumstances, from a sports injuries to a car crashes to assaults. Because of the severe consequences, both to the victim’s health and to their daily life, TBI victims often deserve substantial monetary compensation. The result is often that the negligent party (the person or persons whose actions led to your injury) is responsible for your medical bills, your ongoing care needs and your inability to earn money.

At Fishwick & Associates PLC, our lawyers have vast experience handling brain injury cases. We understand the true value of your case and have the negotiating skills needed to deal with insurance companies. Our attorneys work with medical professionals and other experts to bring the strongest possible case on your behalf.

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