Fishwick & Associates PLC

Fishwick & Associates PLC is a Roanoke based trial law firm whose attorneys serve clients throughout Virginia, focusing on Civil Rights, Criminal, Personal Injury, Commercial, Consumer Protection and Qui Tam legal cases.


Civil Rights

Here at Fishwick & Associates, John Fishwick and his team represent individuals in legal matters involving civil rights. Every United States citizen is guaranteed certain rights and freedoms.

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The attorneys at Fishwick & Associates represent individuals and companies in criminal matters.

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Personal Injury

John Fishwick and his team represent individuals who have been harmed as a result of the negligence of another. For instance, a person can be injured in an automobile accident, due to a defective product, or as a result of a medical procedure that went awry. 

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John Fishwick and his team represent individuals and companies in disputes that arise in the business environment. These types of cases include contract disputes, partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud. 

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Qui TaM

More commonly known as a "whistleblower" case, an individual assists the federal government in a matter involving fraud.

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Consumer Protection

Consumer protection lawsuits could involve debt collection activities, credit financing or reporting, mortgages, student loans and even credit cards.

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I have nothing but great things to say about John Fishwick and his team.
— Personal Injury Client
Mr. Fishwick and his team were outstanding to work with. They were immediately responsive when I initially contacted them and they were most helpful throughout our ordeal. The outcome on my court cases was excellent.
— Criminal Law Client