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3 possible causes of a semitruck crash (aside from trucker error)

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Semitruck crashes can lead to very serious injuries, sometimes fatalities. When one of these catastrophic wrecks occurs, determining the cause is one of the priorities. There are several of these to consider. 

While some people automatically assume that the trucker is at fault for these crashes, there are several other things that can contribute to wrecks. Some of these include:

#1: Improper load securement

Cargo being carried by the semitruck should be properly secured. These loads can shift, which could lead to the trucker losing control of the rig. Cargo that comes free from the rig can become a hazard in the roadway.

#2: Poor trucking company policies

Trucking company policies might not leave room for truckers to stop driving if they’re fatigued. This can lead to crashes if the trucker dozes off at the wheel. There should always be some wiggle room in the delivery times so truckers can do what’s safe instead of having to push through things.

#3: Other motorists

Other motorists will sometimes cause semitruck crashes because they cut off the trucker. Many people don’t realize there is a “no zone” in front of the semitruck. Trying to dart in front of the semitruck is an unsafe idea because the trucker may slam into the vehicle or they may have to try to dart into another lane, which could lead them to hit another vehicle.

Medical care is crucial for anyone who suffers an injury due to a semitruck crash. Seeking compensation after the wreck is possible, but you should be sure you know the cause so you can name the appropriate defendants. Doing this quickly is imperative because Virginia law sets time limits for these matters.