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Using interstate 81 increases the odds of truck crash involvement

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When you commute for work, you face many truck accident hazards along the way, regardless of the path you choose. However, some areas in the state have more dangerous roadways than in other regions. For example, Interstate 81 (I-81) is notorious for its danger to motorists, regardless of the vehicles they drive. Some statistics revolving around I-81 include:

·      The interstate highway spans 325 miles.

·      Nearly 50 miles of the road feature grades 3% or greater.

·      More than 40% of statewide trucking traffic occurs on I-81.

·      Over 2,000 vehicle accidents occur on I-81 each year.

·      About one-quarter of vehicle accidents involve large, heavy trucks.

·      I-81 has the highest percentage of truck accidents than any other road in Virginia.

·      Nearly half of the accidents on I-81 take about four hours to clear.

As you can see, commuting along I-81 is typically more hazardous than using other roads. Unfortunately for many Roanoke, Virginia, commuters, this interstate is the only way to reach your destination.

Reducing your odds of truck accident involvement

It is safe to assume that truck crashes will continue to plague I-81 until the state completes the road’s numerous improvement projects. Remaining safe in the interim is the goal of most commuters. The safe driving tips below can help you avoid truck accidents and potentially catastrophic injuries.

·      Avoiding driving aggressively near large trucks

·      Avoid tailgating or following trucks closely

·      Avoid driving in areas a trucker cannot see (blind spots)

·      Avoid distractions and remain alert to traffic patterns

Even the most cautious Central Virginia drivers still experience devastating truck accidents. In most cases, victims benefit from legal guidance when pursuing injury compensation. Working with an experienced legal advocate ensures you learn about the options at your disposal, which can increase the amount of compensation you ultimately acquire.