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Video Discussion: Disclosures

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Business And Commercial Law, Property Law

In the twenty-fifth episode of our firm’s video web series, a special Halloween edition which can be viewed below, firm owner John P. Fishwick, Jr., associate attorney Daniel J. Martin, and firm investigator Isaac Van Patten are joined by special guest Kerin Daly to discuss a topic of interest to many of our clients: what do I need to disclose in a transaction? To illustrate why we think it is best to err on the side of disclosure (lest it come back to haunt you), we discuss the famous case of Stambovsky v. Ackley, where the New York court held that, as a matter of law, a house was haunted! This case is thematically appropriate for the season, but illustrates how the failure to disclose certain facts can lead to the rescission of a contract and other consequences.

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