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Video Discussion: Treasure Law

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Property Law

Fishwick & Associates is pleased to present our very special third episode of our firm’s video web series, Treasure Law; or, if you prefer, Fishwick & Associates and the Temple of Zoom.

In this more lighthearted episode, which can be viewed below, firm owner John P. Fishwick, Jr., associate attorney Daniel J. Martin, firm investigator Isaac Van Patten, and future law student and lawyer Kerin Daly discuss a topic near and dear to our hearts: treasure! Ms. Daly regales us with the tale of a sunken ship and its (possibly cursed) finder, Mr. Martin delves into the law of treasure troves, and Mr. van Patten opens the vault into his law enforcement past to discuss the potential criminal ramifications of treasure hunting. We hope you will enjoy watching this gem of a video as much as we did making it. Remember, to keep up with our video web series, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we will regularly post videos discussing our firm, developments of the law, and other areas of interest.