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3 things to know about cervical spinal injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Spinal cord injuries are possible when you’re involved in a car crash. The level of the injury impacts what effects a person will have because the area of the body that’s affected by the injury is always lower than the damaged part of the spinal cord.

A person with a neck injury will have impacts throughout their body. The part of the spine in the neck is known as the cervical spine. It has seven vertebrae with eight nerve roots that are in a line from the skull to the shoulder area.

Trouble breathing

One of the most common symptoms of a cervical spine injury is trouble breathing. This is particularly true with injuries higher on the neck. Christopher Reeve had a cervical spine injury that left him dependent on a ventilator to breathe.

Hand and arm movements

All cervical spinal injuries can impact the ability to use your hands and arms. Some people have limited motion in these areas, while others have total paralysis. Loss of sensation in the arms is also possible, even if the person retains use of the limb.

Assistive techniques are possible

It’s sometimes possible to use techniques and technology to continue to live a full life after a cervical spinal cord injury. The medical care and necessary equipment to do this are costly, which might be prohibitive for some people.

Injuries suffered in crashes can lead to serious life effects. Getting proper medical care promptly may help to reduce those effects. Victims may choose to seek compensation after a crash, but they must do so quickly because of time limits established by Virginia law.