Civil Rights

Here at Fishwick & Associates we represent individuals in legal matters involving civil rights.

Every United States citizen in guaranteed certain rights and freedoms.  For instance, citizens and residents have freedoms associated with their speech, assembly, association, and the right to practice a religion of their choice; to their life, liberty, and personal privacy; and to equal access to a public education, to the courts, to public facilities, services, and housing; equal and fair treatment by law enforcement and the courts; as well as the right to vote.  The various civil rights include not only freedoms, but also the right to be free from discrimination in the availability and exercise of those freedoms.

We have represented individuals for violations of:

  • Title VII discrimination – race, age and gender discrimination
  • Equal Pay Act violations
  • Title IX cases
  • Civil rights violations under Section 1983

The attorneys at our Roanoke, VA law firm are ready to represent you in legal cases involving civil rights matters. Please give us a call at 540.345.5890 to learn more.

In the News:

On March 7, 2017, John Fishwick appeared live on the show, Good Day Virginia (Fox WFXR) to discuss the recent Supreme Court Gavin Grimm decision in the transgender case out of Gloucester County, Virginia.  To view the full interview, click the link below.…/fishwick-grimm-cas…/667967319

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