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What protects you from crashes caused by uninsured drivers?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

The biggest risk on the road is typically the actions of other people. It only takes a few seconds for someone’s bad choices at the wheel to lead to a crash. No matter how safe you try to be, another driver might start recording a social media video or choose to drive after having a few beers.

The possibility is always there for someone else to cause a crash that damages your vehicle or leaves you with a serious physical injury. When that happens, it is only natural to want some kind of justice.

Motor vehicle liability insurance helps by covering your immediate financial needs following a car crash. Virginia requires liability coverage, so the other driver’s insurance should pay for your vehicle repairs or hospital bills. Do you have to worry about an uninsured driver causing a crash?

Virginia does have its fair share of uninsured drivers

According to gears based on 2019 coverage data, the Insurance Information Institute estimates that 10.5% of drivers in Virginia don’t have insurance. Of course, that figure may have changed in the last few years, but it is still a good touchstone for those contemplating their personal risk.

The potential is significant enough to warrant investing in special insurance coverage. Any company underwriting liability policies in Virginia should also give you the option of buying uninsured motorist protection. You can carry coverage for your own protection in case another driver doesn’t have insurance or they flee the scene of the crash so that you can’t make a claim.

You can also take an at-fault driver to court

If someone doesn’t have insurance, they may be personally liable for whatever injuries or property damage expenses they caused for other people. You may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit that could compensate you for offenses you encourage because of the collision. If someone broke the law or did something negligent while driving, you could receive compensation from the civil courts for your losses.

The greater the impact of the crash, the more important it may be to look at all of your options for compensation before making any decisions. Understanding what protections you have after a Virginia car wreck will help you move on with your life after a crash.