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Distracted driving can claim lives

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

Drivers who are distracted can miss critical things on the roads. Without having a chance to react to obstacles in the roadway, the driver may cause an accident. This puts their own life at risk, but it’s also a danger to others around them.

Each day, there are around nine people who are killed in this country because of distracted drivers. More than 1,000 injuries occur daily for this reason.

Types of distractions drivers face

Everything that goes on inside or outside of the vehicle can distract drivers. This includes things like billboards, eating, drinking, the stereo, the navigation system, other people in the vehicle and your cellphone.

While many people focus on distractions that take a driver’s eyes off the road, there are other things that can happen that are dangerous. This includes things that take the driver’s hands off the steering wheel or their mind off the road. Drivers need all their attention to ensure they don’t drive unsafely.

It doesn’t take long for a distraction to cause problems. It takes only five seconds for a vehicle that’s moving 55 miles per hour to go the full length of a regulation football field. That’s a lot of distance for a driver to essentially be driving blind. It highlights the reason why it’s important for drivers to never let distractions take their focus off the road.

Anyone who has suffered injuries due to a distracted driver must get medical care for their injuries. Seeking compensation is possible after this type of crash. It provides victims with an opportunity to try to recover damages they’re dealing with because of their injuries.